Yes Way Rosé

Yes Way Rosé

It's Yes Way that's sparklé.

For times that are celebratoré, or any day, reallé.

Yes Way Rosé Bubbles is a crisp and effervescent brut rosé that’s perfect to pop at times that are celebratoré, or any day, reallé. The 100% Grenache pink sparkler is crafted in the south of France and features refreshing notes of white wildflowers, apricot, and pink grapefruit zest along with refined, long-lasting bubbles.

  • Calories 110
  • Carbs 4g
  • Sugar 2g
  • Alcohol 11.5%

Serving size: 5 oz. (Approximately 5 servings per 750ml bottle.)

Tasting notes

White wildflowers, apricot, pink grapefruit zest

Pairs well with…

A big bonus with Bubbles is how it pairs deliciouslé with everything from crudité to soufflé. On the savoré side match it with seasoned popcorn, spicy takeout, or a fancy pizza. Pop a bottle with sweets to compliment berries and cream or chocolate treats. Of course, always serve with the best of both worlds at an epic brunch.

As festive as it is laid back, Bubbles has the abilité to elevate any occasion. It’s glamorous for a holiday party and can instantly add some sparkle to an evening at home. xo, E + N

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