Yes Way Rosé

Yes Way Rosé Spritz

The Yes Way Rosé Spritz is here!

A Rosé Spritz with a lemon twist.

The delightfullé crisp Yes Way Rosé Spritz is made with dry French rosé and vibrant natural flavors. Low-alcohol, low-sugar and low-calorié, the effervescent wine-based spritz comes with a freshlé squeezed lemon twist. It’s light, easy-drinking and tastes like the best Yes Way summer day! When life hands you lemons and dry French rosé, sip a zesté Pink Lemonade Spritz. Available first at Target stores nationwide that sell wine.

  • Calories 93
  • Carbs 5.8g
  • Sugar 5g
  • Alcohol 5%

Serving size: 8.5 oz. (One 250ml can.)
Ingredients: French rosé wine, carbonated water, natural flavors 


Tasting notes:

Classic dry French rosé, lemony freshness

Pairs well with…

A front porch, backyard, rooftop, beach, anywhere-you-want-to-cool-down with an epic spritz. Crisp and delicious on its own, it’s also great as a mixer for cocktails like our Rosé-a-rita or with a splash of bourbon.

Summer’s two most beloved drinks, rosé and lemonade, also happen to compliment each other impeccablé well. The low alcohol is just a bonus. xo, E + N


This lighter, spritizer version of a traditional margarita is slightly effervescent, not too sweet, and has the just-right amount of lemoné tang.

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