Yes Way Rosé

Yes Way Rosé Spritz

Spritz up your day with Yes Way.

The delightfully crisp Yes Way Rosé Spritz is made with dry French rosé and vibrant natural flavors. Low-alcohol, low-sugar and low-calorie, the effervescent wine-based spritz comes in a juicy peach flavor with a subtle hint of ginger on the finish. It’s light, easy-drinking and tastes like the best Yes Way summer day.

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Tasting notes:

Classic dry French rosé, juicy peach, a hint of ginger and sparkle

Good to know: 

  • Calories 93
  • Carbs 5.8g
  • Sugar 5g
  • Alcohol 5%

Serving size: 8.5 oz. (One 250ml can)
French rosé wine, carbonated water, natural flavors

The Case For Canned Rosé

Yes, we put the ‘can’ in ‘can-do attitude.’ On the boat, to the beach, bachelorette parties, backyard music festivals, birthday feasts…is there anything this delicious spritz can’t do? 

Claws Out

Put down the hard seltzer. No judgements, but swapping malt liquor for more refreshing ingredients just got (yes) way easier. The rosé base is crafted in the south of France with classic grapes, finished with natural extract of fresh peaches, a smidge of ginger, and of course a spritz of soda water.

Yes Way Versatilité

The prettiest pick-me-up you’ve ever seen—just add decorated paper straws and you have an instant party for one or more. Pairs well with grilled flavors, seafood boils, and adores Asian takeout. Dress her up with a splash of tea or Pimms and top with a pretty peach garnish.

With Spritz we wanted to put an unexpected spin on dry rosé and match it with vibrant flavors. There’s a delightful lightness to them. xo, E + N

Pimm’s and Peach

We’ve spritzed up the quintessentiallé British cocktail with prominent peach + ginger flavors and it tastes like summer in a cup.


Pink Lemonade Spritz

Meet our refreshing dry rosé spritz with a lemoné twist. It's low sugar, low alcohol, and low calorié.


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