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The Story Behind the Rosé

The making of the first vintage of Yes Way Rosé wine truly represents our dream turned into realité.

We first discovered our passion for rosé in 2011, specifically the dry blush pink varieté from the south of France and grew obsessed with the beautiful color, the delicious taste, and how it inspired endless amounts of humor in our lives. We built a lifestyle brand based on this passion and knew that when it came to making our own that these were important qualities we wanted to capture. Just the thought of rosé transported us to a happy place and we wanted to create one that had the same effect.

We take tasting blends very seriouslé.
The wine ferments in these stainless steel tanks, which is why we call ourselves Tank Girls for life.

In late September of 2017 we found ourselves, at last, on a plane to the south of France to meet with the team who would work with us to produce Yes Way Rosé wine. We went to the winery and saw the production process first hand, tasting 12+ (!) blends to hone in on the flavor profile that would become Yes Way Rosé. Dry, crisp, and just the right amount of peachiness were a few of the elements we were after. When we landed on “the one” we literally jumped up and down with joy in the middle of the winery. Getting to this place had been a long and winding road and we savored the indescribable feeling. We knew as best friends who are business partners that this moment was as special as it gets.

A moment of pure joy when we landed on the blend.

Each Yes Way Rosé product is carefully considered by us, inside and out. We love obsessing over the details.

Matché matché! Of course our nail polish is a perfect match.

The result is a classic Provençal-style rosé that reveals an elegant bouquet of strawberry, citrus, and stone fruit. The perfect shade of peachy-pink, it captures all of the delicious qualities that drew us to fall in love with French rosé in the first place. Nikki designed the label and ombré screw cap and on this trip we landed on details like the paper stock and bottle shape. Each Yes Way Rosé product is carefully considered by us in this way, inside and out. We love obsessing over the details.

Exploring bottle shapes and paper stock options.

Every Fall since then we have traveled to the south of France to collaborate with our winemaking team on the new year’s vintage. We work to continue perfecting Yes Way Rosé and to develop new products like our Bubbles and CDP. The mission is always clear: create exceptional rosés that are definitivelé Yes Way. And on every trip, that magical feeling we first felt in the winery persists.

We like to bring an element of sass wherever we go, vineyard included.

All photos by Sara Kerens.

Yes Way Rosé

Our classic French rosé is a beauté inside and out.

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