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Wednesday May 27, 2020

Travel Diaré: Les Roches Rouges

Les Roches Rouges is a hotel like no other. On a glistening Côte d’Azur beach near Saint Raphael, the super-stylish converted 1950’s motel is a design wonderland. We had to stay there to capture our newest release, YWR CDP, a rosé inspired by a sense of understated glamour that this hotel exquisitely captures.

The entire property – crisp white with Provençal ochre accents, orange-yellow beach furniture, and the coolest art and photography – overlooks a neverending Mediterranean sea of blue. (Full disclosure: We were so enamored that didn’t leave the hotel for 72 hours and could have kept going.) The breathtaking natural seawater infinity pool makes a lifelong impression.

While this place is luxurious, it’s not precious or fancy. The hotel is modern and laid-back, allowing guests to soak up all of the beauty in front of them and truly relax.


This is what we were after with YWR CDP, which is dry and polished with elegant complexité. We dream about revisiting the hotel often, but until we’re back a sip of CDP IRL will happily transport us there.

Photos by Sara Kerens.

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