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Wednesday May 27, 2020

Absolutelé Fabulous in the South of France, Part Deux

Without a doubt, the highlight of the year for Yes Way Rosé is when we travel to the South of France in the fall to work with our wine team on the new vintage. To spend time in the motherland of rosé, visiting the vineyards and facilities where Yes Way Rosé and Yes Way Rosé Bubbles are produced, is a dream come true. We are doubly fortunate to have bonus time while there to tour the beautiful countryside and try the local cuisine. Here are the highlights from our last trip in September! Click over to Pinterest too and check out our South of France board, where have added (and will continue to add) these images and links. Hopefullé you peruse and immediately plan a trip the greatest place on earth. 

We stayed at Domaine de Fontenille, a modern château in the Luberon with everything you could want in a Provence hotel: an on-site vineyard where their house wine is made, a beautiful pool, a Michelin-starred classic French restaurant, rose gardens, and a decadent breakfast spread with the most divine patisseries.  

We drove west to Camargue, a natural wonderland and western Europe’s largest river delta situated where the Rhône meets the Mediterranean sea. The area is known for its wild white horses, pink flamingos (which devastainglé had migrated by the time of our visit), black bulls, salt flats, and pink lakes. For us, finding a pink body of water is like winning the lotteré so this visit was a spectacular treat. The water turns this striking color because of algae that produces a red pigment from the sun. During a trip to Camargue you must also stop in Aigues-Mortes, an enclosed medieval town that upon entering is surprisingly bustling with restaurants, shops, and people who actually live there. We enjoyed a special several-course lunch at Hôtel Restaurant Villa Mazarin and left drunk on life. 

We discovered that the South of France has their own version of Colorado, too. In Rustrel in the Luberon, Le Colorado Provencal is comprised of ochre quarries and hiking trails with breathtaking views. This was the point of the trip where we definitely made a scene, taking photos wearing all pink outfits with bottles of Yes Way for an out-of-this-world space age vibe. Luckily, our wine partners are now used to our photo shoot antics. 

In nearby, Roussillon, a fabulous village between the Luberon hills and Monts de Vaucluse, the town appears to be entirely pink because it is positioned in one of the largest deposits of ochre pigments in the world. Lunch with rosé there on a perfect fall day was heavenlé.  

In always charming Aix-en-Provence we had an afternoon meeting in the floral gardens at Hotel Le Pigonnet, which truly exemplified mixing business with pleasure. We will be returning ASÉP.

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