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Wednesday May 27, 2020

Meet the Rosémaker: Rita Jammet

You can tell a lot about someone by their Instagram feed. What La Caravelle owner Rita Jammet’s tells us is that–along with her friends and family–her life is filled with beautiful moments revolving around exquisite food and drink. Wherever Rita goes is instantly added to our must-try list and there’s good reason to trust she’s in the right place: she and her husband André owned one of New York’s most iconic haute cuisine restaurants, La Caravelle, where they were known for introducing innovative new chefs and cuisine until the James Beard-nominated restaurant closed in 2004. The restaurant’s name lives on with the Champagne company she and André now own. We’re ecstatic she shared with us more about their rich history with wine, their bubblé, and where everyone must go eat. (Plus a hot tip: Tetsu–Masa’s upcoming restaurant–has created a raspberry and pink peppercorn sorbet with their Rosé Champagne. Peep the pic.)

What’s your backstoré with Rosé bubblé? André’s family participated in the blending of wines for years when they owned one of Paris’ finest hotels: Le Bristol. The blending of proprietary wines is actually a process that dates back to the late 1700s, when Le Boeuf à la Mode was one of only a few restaurants in Paris, or all of France, for that matter (Le Boeuf à la Mode was established by André’s ancestors in 1792). Anectodalé, at Le Bristol, the House wines were selected and shipped by the prestigious Bordeaux First Growth Cru Classé Château La Mission Haut-Brion, in part because André’s father was the godchild of the then owner, Mrs. Woltner. More

Meet the Rosémaker: Jean-François Ott

As far as best days since starting Yes Way Rosé go, the day we met Domaines Ott‘s Jean-François Ott is close to the top. While in Provence for the first time we arranged to meet with the fourth generation winemaker at Clos Mireille, one of his family’s three beautiful estates. In a sprawling vineyard that overlooks the Mediterranean sea, Jean-François showed us -truly- where the Rosé magic happens for the world-renowned label. We walked though the impeccably landscaped vineyard to a small beach, spent time in the cellar and then got to taste the entire Ott oeuvre, including their white and rouge. We’ve never been happier or bought more Rosé from one winery. We’re honored to introduce him to you in our latest installment of Meet The Rosémaker.   More

Meet the Rosémaker: Steve Matthiasson

Steve Matthiasson, a farmer, James Beard nominated winemaker, and Napa’s go-to viticulture consultant, is someone you can trust will make a high qualité organic Rosé. The wines he makes for his highly accoladed namesake label, a partnership with his wife Jill Klein Matthiasson who is also a farmer and runs the business, are balanced, lower in alcohol (as we like it), and made with love and expertise (a perfect combo) He has been called the Winemaker of The Year by both the San Francisco Chronicle and Food & Wine. We are ecstatic to have him talk to us about his beautiful Rosé and how he plans to enjoy it this summer.

What’s your backstoré with wine? Jill and I came to wine from our mutual love of food and organic farming. When we first met, Jill was working with a family farmer and local food non-profit, and I was working for a sustainable ag consulting company. We started making wine at home with fruit grown by my clients, and a decade later (2003) started Matthiasson Family Vineyards. We grow our own fruit organically and coax our growers of any sourced fruit in that direction, approaching wine with the same ethic and aesthetic as a farm to table chef—simple preparations of pure food grown in clean healthy soil. Our wine is made to complement a meal. More

Meet the Rosémaker: Ryan Harms

You can largely thank Ryan Harms, the Willamette Valley winemaker who started Union Wine Company in 2005, for making Rosé so easy to drink on the go. His Underwood wine cans, which this summer includes a new sparkling Rosé flavor, make wine drinking feel extra casual, refreshing and unpretentious. We’re honored to have him on The Yes Way Report! 

What should everyone know about Underwood Rosé and the new Rosé Bubbles can? The Underwood Rosé is intended to be simply yummy. We make it from a variety of grapes, some very aromatic, some very fruit driven. This wine isn’t about a specific varietal of grapes; it’s just simply about being yummy. The Rosé Bubbles has been a blast to make and of course drink. We start with some Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from the Willamette Valley, press the fruit lightly to not get too much color and then ferment it cool to keep all the delicate aromas in the wine. Both of our Rosés are great for porch drinking, pool lounging, and BBQ’s.

Where’s your favorite place to stop and drink the rosé?  Last summer I was back in Holland, MI, which is right on Lake Michigan. Sitting in the water, watching my kids play and sipping on a can of rosé is a pretty perfect moment. I am also a fan of working in my vegetable garden while enjoying a can of rosé.

Who would you most like to have a glass with? My grandpa Fred. He’s been gone for a while and Union Wine Co. was a little business that I had started when he was still alive.  I think he would love drinking something I made, seeing the winery and all the equipment.

When you aren’t drinking rosé, what’s your go-to summer drink? Stiegl Radler, and Aperol spritz!

What are you most looking forward to this summer? I have a trip planned to my parents’ home outside Yosemite with my boys in August. It is a special place for us; we can enjoy the mountain air and recharge before harvest begins.

Meet the Rosémaker: Jordan Salcito

Jordan Salcito is in a league of awesome all her own. The ultimate boss ladé, she has Bellus, her wine company that releases the whimsical La Ve En Bulles sparkling Rosé from California, and Ramona, the most buzzed about pink grapefruit wine spritzer that even has its own manicure based on the electric packaging. But that doesn’t even scratch the surface. When she’s not juggling two growing wine companies she’s working as the wine director of Momofuku, is a Mom to the most adorable little boy, Henry, and supports other women entrepreneurs (like us) and social causes close to her heart. It almost seems unreal that she does all of this, but she does and with impeccable style. Seriously, we want to raid her closet as much as her wine collection. It’s with great pleasure that we feature this ultimate girl crush on the site!  

What’s your backstoré with wine? Wine held an allure for me growing up because it was the connective tissue between my Dad and his Father (who I never met).  My Dad used to help my Grandfather make (terrible) wine in their basement; that’s the one memory of his Father my Dad shares. I never envisioned wine would become a career until after a six-month stage cooking at Restaurant Daniel, which led to working the La Paulée de Nièges in Aspen, which led to the opportunity to harvest in Burgundy in 2006.  Burgundy is so connected to its lineage; working that harvest was an insane education about soil and terroir, history and lineage, and the cumulative impact of every tiny decision in a wine’s final profile. I was hooked! After that, I continued to work harvest each fall. The milestone moments included a summer a sommelier gig at Nick & Toni’s (thank you Bonnie Munshin, thank  you Liz), sommelier and manager positions at Eleven Madison Park, a year-stint at Crown (my first top-to-bottom wine program), and then beverage director at Momofuku. More

Meet the Rosémaker: André Hueston Mack

It would be hard to find a cooler or more impressive winemaker than André Hueston Mack. The former Head Sommelier at Per Se was the first African American to win the prestigious Best Young Sommelier in America award, and this was after he had a successful career with Citicorp Investment services. Mack introduced his wine label, Mouton Noir in 2007 and has continued to crush it ever since with a fresh perspective on wine, label design and the stories behind them both. As if that’s not enough, he has a boutique graphic design firm and sells awesome wine-humor tees. We talked to him about the exciting things he has going on and Love Drunk, the Willamette Valley Rosé he makes that we are drunk in love with.  

What’s your backstoré as a winemaker? At the height of my sommelier career, I decided that I wanted to continue to learn about wine more intensively and thought the best way to do that would be to make my own and that it would allow me to scratch a few other itches I had, wanting to be an entrepreneur and more creative in my life. I started Mouton Noir Wines on a whim and with the good graces of many people I have met in the industry over the years. Wherever I had extended terms or no terms is where I made my home so I started making wine in California with a Cabernet blend called Montgomery Place. It was when a good friend had purchased a vineyard in Oregon that I headed north, and I’m happy to say that the Willamette Valley is where I hang my hat. More

Meet the Rosémaker: Lorenza

If there are two people who embody Rosé the most it’s Lorenza Wine founders Melinda Kearney and Michele Ouellet. The mother-daughter business partners are simply gorgeous inside and out, just like the California Rosé they have been making for 9 years (they are OG pink wine pioneers). Read here to learn more about their refreshing and crisp wine, and follow them @lorenzarose for more daily beauty! More

Josh Rosenstein, Founder of Hoxie Spritzer

The best part of Yes Way Rosé so far has been the incredible people we have met. Josh Rosenstein is one of those people for us. We met him a couple of years ago in a cafe in New York City after emailing and then went to an impromptu wine tasting together. Now now we think of him as our big brother and he’s one of our all-time favorites. We’re so happy to share his story about Hoxie Spritzer, a canned wine spritzer that will change your summer completely. Follow him @hoxiespritzer.

What’s your backstoré with wine? I wish I had a cool romantic backstoré – like I grew up on a vineyard or bought some piece of land in California and decided to grow grapes. Most of us probably don’t though, right? I grew up in NYC and started cooking “professionally” there in my early 20’s -enjoying wine was a natural extension of food. Cooking and long hours in restaurants with people that were passionate about sharing their wines was infectious. More

Patrick Cappiello, Creator of Forty Ounce Wines

(Editor’s Note: We posted Patrick’s Forty Ounce Rosé on our Instagram a few weeks ago and 750 comments later can confirm that so far it’s the internet sensation of the rosé season.)

What’s your wine backstoré? I started in the restaurant business when I was fifteen, and did just about every job the industry had to offer. Wine didn’t come until I was a working as a waiter just after I finished college. The restaurant I was working in had a great wine list. I very quickly noticed that the waiters who new about wine were selling a lot more, and as result were making way more money than me. This got my attention and I started studying and tasting like crazy. I very quickly fell in love with wine and decided to do whatever it took to make it my profession. This lead me to Tribeca Grill where I was lucky enough to encounter David Gordon who became my mentor, and he helped me launch into the wine world. More

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