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Wednesday May 27, 2020

Summer Water

Summer is a state of mind and a feeling that can be tapped into at any moment (like even with layers of long underwear and gloves on.)

This is what inspired us to name the dry rosé we make in collaboration with Winc “Summer Water” in the first place. In the warmer months it’s heavenlé, best enjoyed outside with summer’s laid-back good vibes. When it’s cooler, having a bottle transports you back to that happy place. Plus, the crisp taste with notes of strawberry, white peach, and grapefruit pairs superbly with hearté fall dishes and a fire. Winter, spring, summer, or fall you’ve got a Rosé.


We just took a trip to beautiful Lake Garda in Northern Italy where we tried several (like 30+) Chiaretto Rosés, a dry style made primarily with Corvina grapes. More on this trip later, but while there we stumbled up on this incredible hand sketched label that we want to turn into wallpaper. We didn’t get to try the wine, but if judging a book by it’s cover we’re going to call this Rosanoire a cult classic.


Music and Rosé is the ultimate pairing and any label that nods to spinning records is cool in our book. Lo-Fi 2016 Rosé of Cabernet Franc from Santa Barbara County feels like a bottled experience of when we went to Santa Barbara the first time and while walking on the beach front it sounded as if every restaurant, hotel and vintage car was playing a sunny Beach Boys song. This is one of those transportive Rosés full of good vibrations that you have to try.

Vallat D’ezort Alegria Rosé

Sometimes you need the Rosé fairé to appear (like when you’re fresh out of new bottles to try) and there she is. That’s how it felt discovering the whimsical Vallat d‘Ezort Alegria Rosé label at Vine Wine. The Carignon Rosé from the Languedoc has been given a magical spell by a regal grape adorned force. What is her special power? The answer is in the delicious, bright, super smooth bottle.


To every Rosé there is a season, and for fall this is Gaspard made by Jenny and Francois Selections. This natural Loire Valley blend of Cabernet Franc, Gamay and Pineau D’Aunis celebrates autumn from the inside out. The label serves as a reminder that it’s harvest time and there’s work to be done, Rosé to be enjoyed, and so much beauty to take in. The wine is unexpected, dry with that au natural taste and – fittingly- notes of cranberré.

Nashville Wine

This biodynamic Italian Sangiovese Rosato from Cosimo Maria Masini that we picked up in Nashville’s must-visit WOODLAND WINE MERCHANT is a glorious fall pink wine. It’s a bright Rosé in color and taste with fruity raspberry notes and good minerality. The sweet colors on the label make you want to dance around an empty field with the bottle in hand and that’s why it’s one we envé.

La Boutanche

If Johnny Depp playing Hunter S. Thompson in Fear and Loathing morphed into a Grasshopper you’d have the La Boutanche Rosé label.That dude looks like he’s seen some stuff. From Selection Massale’s range of affordable natural wine.

Filipa Extra Bruto

We bought this bottle of Filipa Pato Extra Bruto Unfiltered 3B Rosé last weekend in upstate Hudson, New York during a Bachelorette Party, but that part is a story for another time. There’s a lot to love about this Portuguese bubbly. Made in the traditional sparkling method the bubbles are lively, refreshing, and perfect for the spicy brisket tacos we paired it with. The label is sweet and elegant; the girl on the bottle with the amazing hair cut looks like someone we’d want to share a bottle with. And it’s inexpensive! At $18 you should treat yourself to at least two.


The folks at Uva Wines & Spirits in Williamsburg, Brooklyn have bottled their own summery sipper from the Languedoc in the South of France. Like the bottle’s Picasso-esque striped and sketched label, the wine is quite versatile. Fashion has taught us that the classic Breton top can be paired with everything, from a tuxedo to athleisure gear. Rosé, including this one, should be thought of the same way.

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