Yes Way Rosé

Héy Rosé Lovers,

We are a wine and lifestyle brand on a fun-filled mission: to spread the happiness, humor, and positivité that rosé wine inspires.

Yes Way Rosé started because of a shared love for blush pink wine. We’re best friends who, over many summer nights of sipping rosé together, came to realize that the beauty of the wine, matched with its dry and refreshing taste, had the ability to turn any moment into something special. This passion became the subject of many inside jokes, as we obsessed over the various rosés we enjoyed and played on the accent to make each other laugh. It made us think that if we love this wine so much, others must too.

In 2013, we launched @yeswayrose on Instagram with a playful voice and modern look to capture how rosé was changing our lives. And the most amazing thing happened: a community of fellow like-minded rosé enthusiasts formed. We then made a tote bag (aka toté), introducing our bold logo, so Yes Way Rosé could exist IRL. With an Instagram account and tote our brand was born. Ever since, the rosé sky’s been the limit.

We’ve grown to make our own signature rosé, Yes Way Rosé, and a stylish line of products that aim to spread rosé vibes to all.

This has been an unbelievable journé. We didn’t anticipate going into business together with @yeswayrose, but we are so happy we did. That we get to do this as partners is very special. Friendship is the foundation of Yes Way Rosé–it’s where the brand started–so we celebrate it in everything we do.

Thank you for being here!

Erica Blumenthal and Nikki Huganir

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