Yes Way Rosé
Wednesday April 8, 2020

A Note from Erica + Nikki

Hello to our beloved Yes Way Communité! 

We hope that you are all having a wonderful summer.  

We want to take the opportunité to offer some transparencé with what we are up to at YWR. This summer has been incredible as we’ve launched our Yes Way Rosé signature wine, a refreshing pink delight from the South of France, and are hard at work on more goodness to bring to you. There will be new launches coming soon (stay tuned!), as well as the release of our Yes Way Rosé book next spring! We are so excited to share all of it with you.  

It has come to our attention during the rosé-filled summer that there is some confusion with regards to our current affiliation with the wine, Summer Water. We’d like to clarify that Yes Way Rosé is no longer working with Winc and that Summer Water rosé is no longer a Yes Way Rosé affiliated product.

While many of you know the story of how Yes Way Rosé created Summer Water in collaboration with Winc, a long term partnership was not in the cards for our two brands. The experience will always be a part of our story and we are incredibly appreciative to all of you who supported us in that chapter. 

As always, our goal is to spread joy and positivité through all that rosé inspires. We are grateful that you continue to support and share that mission.

Trulé yours, 

Erica + Nikki 

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