Yes Way Rosé
Wednesday April 8, 2020

Puppé Love

Do you know who sips Yes Way Rosé more than anyone? Luckily for us all it’s the adorable dogs of Instagram! Almost daily we see photos of precious puppés posing with our wine and it’s the greatest thing ever. We’ve been curious though about why they love it so much, so we checked in with a few them to get to the bottom of it. See their answers (or their mother’s) below! And, because this is exactly what we want to see more of, please #yeswaypuppé all of your rosé-sipping furry friends!

This is Pinot Niebling, a French Bulldog from Chicago, Illinois with an epic Instagram handle: 

“Pinot is my name, but rosé is my GAME! Mom is obsessed with Yes Way Rosé. It’s the perfect addition to any party, besides me of course! Puppies and rosé all day!” 

Benny “The Jet” is a Pinny-Poo from Los Angeles, CA (@bennythejet83) who loves sniffing butts, stealing socks, and snuggling.  

“Benny loves licking condensation off the cold bottle, but I love your wine for a few reasons: 1) you sell at Target (my favorite obsession), 2) your brand and label aesthetic are crisp, clean, and fun (just like the wine itself), and 3) for a reasonably priced wine it’s exceptionally delicious.”

Bo Willis, a Golden Retriever from Coto de Caza, California, can be found on the gram @b0_the_g0lden sporting a plethora of adorable neckerchiefs.  

“My mom and I love Yes Way Rosé because, duh, it’s summer water! The taste is amazing, we love the way the bottle looks, and the name is so cute!”

Trixie (the small white one) and Tank (the big black and white one) are American Bullys in Snohomish, Washington. Their Mom @sydneyhonda posts cute photos of them regularlé. 

“I love Yes Way Rosé because it’s fun, refreshing, and the perfect way to unwind after chasing these guys (and the kids) around at the dog park.”  

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