Yes Way Rosé
Wednesday May 27, 2020

Yes Way Wizardré 

The best performances are those that you’re still thinking about weeks after you’ve seen it. This is the case for In & Of Itself, a wondrous and emotional magic show preformed by the creator Derek DelGaudio. 

Upon entering the Daryl Roth Theater there is a wall of I AM cards (shown above) and you’re encouraged to take one. After a good laugh at some of the options we ended up with these two that felt rather on brand for us. 

When the show starts there are stories, incredibly skilled card tricks (how he handles cards alone is magical), and illusions that are simultaneously spellbinding and touching. Your I AM card comes into play at some point, but that is all we will tell you. This is a show that should be enjoyed in person. Read a more thorough New York Times review here.

We made an even more magical night of it starting off at the bar of Union Square Cafe for a cocktail (Dirty Martini for Nikki and the Bitter Almond Negroni for Erica) and light dinner. We HIGHLÉ recommend you to do the same.  

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