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Wednesday April 8, 2020

Rosé Vibes Head Upstate

Livingston Manor in Upstate New York’s Sullivan County is having a major moment. On Main Street alone the relaxed town now has fireside pizza and cocktails with The Kaatskeller, a delicious bakery, Brandenburg, where the seedy loafs are a reason to fully embrace carbs, and on the weekend, ELM Garden & Floral Design are posted up with gorgeous, affordable bouquets. 

All of this has been made even more elevated with Upstream Wine & Spirits, our dear friend Meg McNeil’s expertly curated wine and liquor store. (Because you can now have your Rosé and your Mezcal too in a town best known for their fly fishing!) Upstream is everything you want from a wine store, which is a friendly place where you know anything you buy is was worth trying even if it doesn’t end up being your thing. And the owner is the best! Meg is the ultimate shopgirl with impeccable taste and a boho style that both locals and Brooklynites visiting will want to emulate. If we’re making her sound crazé cool it’s because she is.  

We caught up with her before she headed on a wine trip to Italy to talk about what’s in store for Fall, and more! 

First, how did you came up with the name for Upstream?

Unfortunately, I don’t get to take credit for the name. I was leaning towards something new-agey and astrological. but my creative (and everything else) partner/husband Kevin, came up with Upstream, partially because we’re right smack on the bank of a river and partially because it’s a more evocative way to say “upstate.”  I loved it pretty quickly. And when we later discovered that it’s also the title of a Mary Oliver book we were sure it was perfect. 

What wines will you be carrying this fall?

I’m excited about getting into some fuller bodied rosés, some pink bubbles I’ve had sent over recently, and some rustic, lightish to medium-bodied reds that can be served chilled on a sunny afternoon, but will also pair perfectly with a campfire when the sun goes down and the leaves are falling and all of that. I’m loving northern Italian reds right now, like G.D. Vajra’s spritzy Langhe Nebbiolo and Beaujolais, but that’s always. 

What’s your go-to Rosé for the changing season?

Something bubbly, like Filipa Pato’s pink sparkling from Portugal. Or classic Bandol Rosé like Chateau Pradeaux, which I think tastes better later in the season when it’s had a chance to settle in the bottle- also a good blizzard wine!  

How has it been opening up your own store? 

It’s been such an interesting and exciting adventure opening my own shop! I feel really self-sufficient and also really tired. There are definitely unexpected things like the amount of time I spend at the town dump, and it’s been tough finding staff, but mostly it’s kind of the best- It’s been really fun getting to know my new customers, seeing surprise Brooklynites upstate, and getting to order all these wines I love and introduce some of my favorite bottles in the world and tell their stories to a new audience.

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