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Sunday April 5, 2020

Meet the Rosémaker: Jean-François Ott

As far as best days since starting Yes Way Rosé go, the day we met Domaines Ott‘s Jean-François Ott is close to the top. While in Provence for the first time we arranged to meet with the fourth generation winemaker at Clos Mireille, one of his family’s three beautiful estates. In a sprawling vineyard that overlooks the Mediterranean sea, Jean-François showed us -truly- where the Rosé magic happens for the world-renowned label. We walked though the impeccably landscaped vineyard to a small beach, spent time in the cellar and then got to taste the entire Ott oeuvre, including their white and rouge. We’ve never been happier or bought more Rosé from one winery. We’re honored to introduce him to you in our latest installment of Meet The Rosémaker.  

What’s your backstoré with wine? Wine is a family story for me. My great-grandfather started to make wine in Provence in 1896. I lived all my life in Chateau Romassan in Bandol where my father himself was making wine, so as you can imagine – great-grandfather, grandfather, father- everything here is about vineyards and wine.  

Tell us all everything we need to know about Domaines Ott: The idea of the family was to produce a very high quality rosé wine when this color did not even exist. In the thirties they designed themselves a bottle with a special shape considering that all the areas of France producing wines have their own shape (Champagne, Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Alsace…) Today, We have three estates on two appellations (Cotes de Provence and Bandol) and we are producing Domaines Ott’s wines only with grapes from our vineyards. We are working exactly the same way on the three estates to express the differences of the “terroirs.” 

What is your favorite thing to pair with this year’s vintage? This vintage is very very nice. We have a good balance between acidity, freshness of fruit and the delicacy of the aromas without any bitterness. I think it can go by itself, but it works very well with fish or fresh tomatoes. My best pairing of the moment is tomatoes, goat cheese with olive oil and Serrano ham! 

Where’s your favorite place to stop and drink the rosé? My favorite place is on Porquerolles Island, but I always enjoy it end of the day in a marina or on a boat. When the temperature gets a little cooler, when the sun is getting down a little….. I always feel that rosé is best by the sea.

Who would you most like to share a glass with? I would say with my great-grandfather! I would taste his wines and make him taste mine. We would have a really long and big discussion around glasses of rosé wines!   

When you aren’t drinking rosé, what’s your go-to summer drink? I only drink rosé! Sometimes it can be white wine, but it is always wine! 

What is the best part of living in Provence? Is there a bad part? Everything here is nice: the landscape, sea, weather, people, wines. I don’t really feel that there are bad parts. For a few years I lived a little bit further north and I really enjoyed coming back.

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