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Wednesday April 8, 2020

PSÉ: On Being “Basic”

It has come to our attention, that thinking and drinking pink—and all those who participate in such pursuits—is considered by some to be “basic,” a word that is typically used to put down women and stymie their potential. As Rosé enthusiasts and professionals, we wanted to take a moment to address this misrepresentation. 

Rosé is a beautiful, classic, delightful, well-crafted wine made–most of the time–by talented, hardworking people with love and extreme care. It’s so loved that Rosé production is booming and an entire industry is shifting. What’s basic about something good, that creates jobs and inspires happiness? It’s offensive to the wine, those who make it and everyone who finds pleasure when they drink it.

Why are guys who drink beer and watch football called “Bro,” but if you’re a woman who drinks Rosé, works hard and does yoga you’re labeled “Basic”?

For us, if being basic means starting a brand from scratch that brings a female perspective to a male dominated industry while inspiring other female entrepreneurs to do the same; Being able to quit a full-time job to engage in a full-time passion; Creating a positive and inclusive space for likeminded wine enthusiasts; Using a socially-driven platform to highlight a diverse and unexpected community of talented makers, while spreading joy and positivity…Then we’re proud to be basic AF.

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