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Wednesday April 8, 2020

Meet Ryan Arnold

Ryan Arnold, aka @wine_ryan, is the man to know if you love wine in Chicago, and beyond. As the wine director and sommelier for Lettuce Entertain You he’s in charge of curating the wine lists at several top dining establishments, each focused on a different style of cuisine. Since he knows his way around a pairing, we asked to him pick his current favorites for the summer. Read below to find out what to eat with a wine called Sex, and more.  

Mawby Sex Sparkling Rosé, Leelanau, Michigan 

Pairing: Ahi Tuna & Watermelon Tostadas with Thai chili, avocado, crema and cilantro from Summer House Santa Monica (Chicago & N Bethesda, MD). The dry crunchy tostada plays well with the texture of the wines, while the tiny bit of heat you get from the Thai chilis are counteracted by the small percentage of residual sugar and bubbles. When dealing with spicy foods, an off-dry wine is a great way to calm the heat and this pairing just screams summer! Summer House is also the crown jewel for rosé in our company and in the city.

Cleto Chiarli Dry Lambrusco 

Pairing: Prosciutto Trio with Parma, Cotto and Speck, alongside a side of parmesan and peppers from il Porcellino (Chicago). I’ve been championing Lambrusco for years though many are not receptive – however, the Cleto Chiarli shifts perceptions without fail. Holding true to il Porcellino’s central & southern Italian theme, this dry sparkling Lambrusco fits the bill perfectly, with a nice acidity that cuts through the cured and salted meats very well. 

2016 Secret Identity, Rosé, California 

Pairing: Avocado & Arugula Pesto White Pizza with goat cheese, chili flakes, pecorino and parmesan from Stella Barra Pizzeria (Santa Monica, Hollywood, Chicago, N Bethesda MD). The Secret Identity is a red blend of Zinfandel and Syrah is unoaked and super approachable to the palate. The light roundness the Syrah melds really well with the texture of the white sauce, while the addition of avocado really brightens up the pie and palate, while bringing in an umami quality that goes well with the summer wine.

Domaine de Triennes, Provence

Pairing: Poke Bowl with Bulgur Wheat with ahi tuna, avocado, shaved radish & cabbage, cilantro and ponzu dressing from Beatrix (Chicago). A destination for all day dining, Beatrix serves rosé inherently for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And, what better dish to pair alongside than the bowl of the summer: Poke! The fattiness of the tuna interacts really well with the classic Provencal rose.

Bermejos Rosado, Canary Islands 

Pairing: Avocado & Sweet Pea spread with jalapeño, lime, cilantro and mint from Ēma (Chicago). The Mediterranean-inspired menu at Ema is truly perfect for pairing with rosé and the bright, open and airy atmosphere is begging for a glass of it in hand at all times. Rosé is extremely vegetable friendly, and the Bermejos in particular is light allowing this dish to do the heavy lifting

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