Yes Way Rosé
Thursday June 4, 2020

Meet Heather Andersen of New York Pilates

Heather Andersen, the easygoing, super stylish, pink-loving founder of New York Pilates, embodies what Yes Way Rosé is all about. She is ambitious and hard working while clearly able to kick back and have a grand old time. We suggest taking one of her classes at their very rosé-hued studio on Bowery and following @newyorkpilates for some serious daily motivation.  

Why is Pilates and then Rosé a good idea? It’s not :), but sometimes being bad feels so good. For me, Pilates and Rosé sounds like a perfect Sunday afternoon pairing. Right and tight followed by loose and carefree. Throw in some shopping for ultimate weekend bliss!

What is your favorite Rosé? I love Provence or other dry Rosés. I’ve actually recently been obsessing over unfiltered orange wines – the trend is happening now and you heard it here first people. They taste so fresh and earthy and tend to be naturally produced. Yum!

What does “Rosé Vibes” mean to you? Rosé vibes is summer in a bottle.

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