Yes Way Rosé
Sunday April 5, 2020

Meet Meg McNeill

When we started Yes Way Rosé four years ago as newbies immersing ourselves in the wine industry, this beautiful lady was our first friend. Introduced by a mutual good buddy, Meg was until recently working as the manager and buyer for Dandelion Wine in Greenpoint, the best wine shop in all of Brooklyn. Meg was generous with us from the get go, more than willingly enlightening two fashion industry gals about glorious pink wine. Now we are all besties and after so many bottles who can really remember how it all started?  This summer Meg is branching out on her own with Upstream Wine & Spirits in Upstate New York, which will surely be the #1 new reason to visit the Catskills (move over fly fishing)! Here’s why she loves her rosé.  

I love rosé because no matter what time of year you’re drinking it, it’s a reminder of warm days, and carefree good times. And because there is actually so much variety of pink wine in the world- there is literally a rosé for every dish and occasion and I like the unexpectedness of pairing rosé with a meal and saying “look how fun this is! But also take it seriously.”

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