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Sunday April 5, 2020

Josh Rosenstein, Founder of Hoxie Spritzer

The best part of Yes Way Rosé so far has been the incredible people we have met. Josh Rosenstein is one of those people for us. We met him a couple of years ago in a cafe in New York City after emailing and then went to an impromptu wine tasting together. Now we think of him as our big brother and he’s one of our all-time favorites. We’re so happy to share his story about Hoxie Spritzer, a canned wine spritzer that will change your summer completely. Follow him @hoxiespritzer.

What’s your backstoré with wine? I wish I had a cool romantic backstoré – like I grew up on a vineyard or bought some piece of land in California and decided to grow grapes. Most of us probably don’t though, right? I grew up in NYC and started cooking “professionally” there in my early 20’s -enjoying wine was a natural extension of food. Cooking and long hours in restaurants with people that were passionate about sharing their wines was infectious.

Tell us all about Hoxie Spritzer: Hoxie grew out of a need to drink something refreshing while cooking through brunch service as a young line cook. We’d take leftover wine from the bar or cooking wine and pour it in a deli cup with ice, then add seltzer and fruit and herb scraps from brunch prep. Fast-forward 11 years I’m cooking private dinners in L.A. and started guests off with the drink I knew best: a spritzer. At one of these dinners, a woman (she’s now my business partner) said, “You should put these in a bottle.” Crazy right? But the more i thought about it the more excited i got.  I went back to her and said if we can do it, and not add any junk, I’m in. I made them for a long time in my kitchen and friends garages – tweaking, playing- until we bottled in 2015. The reception to Hoxie was more than I could have hoped for. I still kindah can’t believe it. We started the move to cans in 2015. I wanted people to be able to enjoy Hoxie everywhere and at anytime. The only rule I’ve got with Hoxie is drink it cold.

Where’s your favorite way to stop and drink the rosé/Hoxié? I find myself traveling a lot for work these days so of course I’ve always got cold Hoxie Rosé in my bag. It’s kind of a joke among my friends at accounts that I’ll swing by shops and restaurants just to say hello – not do a tasting or anything – and they’ll say to me with a smirk on their face, “You got some cold HOXIE?” Of course they know i do. Then i give this sneaky smile look and say “come on, you know it.” Then we share one. It’s usually about 5ish by the time I’ve hydrated my friends and at this time no one will see me for a tasting so what I do, no matter what city I’m in, is find a place to sit and chill for 15 minutes with a cold Hoxie Rosé (or two or three). I’ve found so many cool places: stoops and small parks in the 5 boroughs; the fish docks in San Francisco; I’ve snuck onto rooftops in Oakland; sat across the street from the Woody Guthrie Archives in Tulsa, Oklahoma; and more beaches than I can count.

When you aren’t drinking Hoxié, what’s your go-to summer drink? Les Capriades, Pet Sec Rosé over ice in a 8.75 oz Duralex bistro glass (sorry Pascal and Moses).

What does rosé vibes mean to you? It’s an escape. No matter where you are, when you get into the rosé vibe it’s vacation.

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