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Sunday April 5, 2020

Meet Abigail Spencer

On screen Abigail Spencer is known for starring on Timeless and Rectify, as well as memorable supporting roles on Suits, Mad Men, and Hawthorne. Off screen, among many other things, she is a passionate and incredibly stylish Rosé Enthusiast. That she was named one of People Magazine’s Most Beautiful People this year came as no surprise to us. Here, Abigail talks to us about one of her great loves: ROSÉ.
Why do you love the pink stuff so much? I’ve spent a lot of time contemplating this. It’s the perfect shade of blush pink and aesthetically pleasing to a fault. I don’t like white, I’m not always in the mood for red, and other than tequila I don’t drink hard alcohol. So for me it’s Rosé, champagne and tequila all the way. It doesn’t give me a headache. And it’s like bringing the South of France to me wherever I am. When I discovered Rosé i couldn’t believe the world had been hiding this magical concoction from me for so long.
What’s your go-to bottle? I’m old school. I love a Whispering Angel. I just can’t help it. I also love Miraval. That was the hardest part of the Brad and Angie break up for me. I thought, ‘what’s going to happen to Miraval Rosé?!’
Where’s your favorite place to kick back and enjoy a glass? I can’t think of a place i don’t enjoy a glass, but definitely Terre Blanche in Provence or anywhere in Paris. I really quite enjoy it in my backyard with close friends on a hot LA day or at my friend Kristine’s house by her pool.
What’s been your greatest Rosé experience? Definitely when i discovered Frosé in Austin, TX. I was in town for the ATX festival last summer, which i have the honor of being on the board. I always stay at the Hotel Saint Cecelia on SoCo. Across the street is their sister hotel, Hotel San José and I see this large sign out front that says FROSÉ SERVED EVERY DAY AFTER NOON! What the what? Every summer after noon they serve this delightful, lemonade, rosé, simple syrup concoction made out of a machine. A rosé icey! My head exploded and I missed an event. I had never tasted anything so delightful. My boyfriend and I would sneak out of bed in our jams and go over before they stopped serving at midnight. We were addicted. So much so that we rented a margarita machine when we got back to LA and had a Frosé party to make them ourselves.

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