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Sunday April 5, 2020

Rosé Lit 101

Victoria James is a sommelier, the Wine Director of Piora, and an expert Rosé enthusiast. Her book Drink Pink: A Celebration of Rosé was released this week from HarperCollins. We talked to her about our shared favorite topic.

What rosés are you currently loving? Bandol rosé is the benchmark for me from producers like Domaine Tempier, Domaine du Gros ‘Noré and Domaine Terrebrune are classic. However, these days there is so much great rosé being made all over the world. I am currently in love with rosé from L’Île-de-beauté (aka Corsica) from wineries like Clos Canarelli, Abbatucci, Yves Leccia and Marquiliani since they are delicious with a bit more richness while still remaining mineral-driven. Fun examples from Italy like Sesti from Tuscany and Punta Crena Barbarossa rosato from Liguria have also captured my heart with their unique expressions. In the new world, producers like Macari on the North Fork of Long Island and Railsback Frères, Bellus, Sandhi, from California, are crushing it. In the New World, people are becoming experimental and not sticking to the classics, exploring obscure varieties or winemaking techniques which is way cool.

Where is your ultimate favorite way to enjoy a bottle? With good food, good wine and good people. Including recipes in the book was a way to demonstrate this. A kitchen full of friends and family, cooking with ingredients from the market, laughter and popping bottles of wine from producers I truly care about, then eating all together. This provencal-inspired lifestyle is something I try to live by. You start with the highest quality ingredients and keep it simple after that. That seems pretty great to me.

What does “rosé vibes” mean to you?  Jacques Pépin once told me,  “Rosé is probably the most unpretentious and Democratic of all wines. Something you drink while playing Boule or when going Mushrooming, a true Vin de copain.” This, is #rosévibes.

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