Yes Way Rosé
Sunday April 5, 2020

Introducing Eau de Rosé Vibes

It’s with great pleasure that we share our latest with you: a rosy Rosé-pink candle. To make it we partnered with Brooklyn fragrance studio Joya and spent about six months honing in on the perfect scent together. At first we went after a fragrance that reflected the tasting notes of rosé, but soon learned they taste better than they smell. So, we took a different approach and thought about the bigger picture of Yes Way Rosé. While we’re inspired by the wine, we’re ultimately about appreciating everyday things of beauty and that very much includes roses. We came up with Eau de Rosé Vibes to capture the essence of Yes Way Rosé, which is joyous with a cheeky attitude. The fragrance features fresh rose petals with notes of blonde woods and spice. The color of the candle – our signature peachy-pink hue – is right on the nose (so pretty you may want to drink). We couldn’t be happier with the result and can’t wait for you to burn one down.

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