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Sunday April 5, 2020

Introducing The Yes Way Report, a Letter from the Founders

Hey Friends,

Welcome to the new destination (or destinétion, if you will) for all things rosé!

Four years ago this summer we created the @yeswayrose Instagram account. We were infatuated with the wine and set off on a quest to figure out why. We knew we loved the gorgeous translucent pink color, how fresh and easy drinking it is, and how the sheer presence of a bottle induced more happiness in our lives. After several years of diving deeper into it, and developing a brand based on our passion, we’ve learned it’s the spirit of the wine that is what’s so infinitely inspiring. These positive Rosé vibes have changed our lives and exist in everything.

Our mission with The Yes Way Report is to share more about this incredible world seen through rosé-colored glasses.

On the site we’ll introduce you to the rock stars of the Rosé world: the winemakers who specialize in it. We’ll share the labels we love and talk to Rosé Enthusiasts about why they love the pink stuff so much. We’ll cover how everything is coming up rosé in societé (have you heard the new Drake mixtape??) We’ll also give you all the latest and greatest on Yes Way Rosé, dropping new releases, posting about events like wine tastings for Summer Water, and sharing where we’re traveling to for wine in the Yes Way Diaré. We may sip a glass while writing and we’ll let you know what it is if we do.

Thanks for coming on this exciting journé with us!

Erica + Nikki xo

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