Yes Way Rosé
Friday July 20, 2018

Yes Way Runway

If the Paris runway for next spring is any indication it’s going to be a very good year for Rosé. The blush hued looks were exceptional, most notably at Alexander McQueen with Sarah Burton’s to-die-for English garden inspired dresses and Louis Vuitton with these chic sporty shorts. These looks are what a dream Rosé wardrobe is made of. More

Spread Rosé Vibes

This October we are focusing extra energé on charité, unité and communité. Each week we will happily donate 20% of the proceeds from to a different fundraising effort and organization. They will be (in chronological order) the Puerto Rico & Caribbean Hurricane Relief Fund, the Mexico Earthquake Relief FundBreast Cancer Research Foundation, and ExaltWe encourage you to shop or donéte however you can to those in need!

Monday Motivétion

The lovelé Drew Barrymore says to drink Rosé winter, spring, summer or fall! Listen to Drew and follow her Barrymore Wines account for more of her Rosécapades!

Listen and Drink: Ariel Pink

The new dreamy psych-pop Ariel Pink album, Dedicated to Bobby Jameson, is an endless summer gift to pink drinkers. If there’s a record that defines the elusive yet intriguing concept of Roséwave we think it’s this one. The songs are trippy, romantic, and chill, but with a poppy sense of urgency. With song titles like “I Wanna Be Young,” “Another Weekend,” and “Bubblegum Dreams,” it’s almost like Rosé is a primary theme. If you can get your hands on it, listen and drink with Folk Machine Gamay Rosé, but any quality Rosé will do. I mean, dude’s name is PINK. 

Vallat D’ezort Alegria Rosé

Sometimes you need the Rosé fairé to appear (like when you’re fresh out of new bottles to try) and there she is. That’s how it felt discovering the whimsical Vallat d‘Ezort Alegria Rosé label at Vine Wine. The Carignon Rosé from the Languedoc has been given a magical spell by a regal grape adorned force. What is her special power? The answer is in the delicious, bright, super smooth bottle.

Meet the Rosémaker: Rita Jammet

You can tell a lot about someone by their Instagram feed. What La Caravelle owner Rita Jammet’s tells us is that–along with her friends and family–her life is filled with beautiful moments revolving around exquisite food and drink. Wherever Rita goes is instantly added to our must-try list and there’s good reason to trust she’s in the right place: she and her husband André owned one of New York’s most iconic haute cuisine restaurants, La Caravelle, where they were known for introducing innovative new chefs and cuisine until the James Beard-nominated restaurant closed in 2004. The restaurant’s name lives on with the Champagne company she and André now own. We’re ecstatic she shared with us more about their rich history with wine, their bubblé, and where everyone must go eat. (Plus a hot tip: Tetsu–Masa’s upcoming restaurant–has created a raspberry and pink peppercorn sorbet with their Rosé Champagne. Peep the pic.)

What’s your backstoré with Rosé bubblé? André’s family participated in the blending of wines for years when they owned one of Paris’ finest hotels: Le Bristol. The blending of proprietary wines is actually a process that dates back to the late 1700s, when Le Boeuf à la Mode was one of only a few restaurants in Paris, or all of France, for that matter (Le Boeuf à la Mode was established by André’s ancestors in 1792). Anectodalé, at Le Bristol, the House wines were selected and shipped by the prestigious Bordeaux First Growth Cru Classé Château La Mission Haut-Brion, in part because André’s father was the godchild of the then owner, Mrs. Woltner. More

Yes Way Le Creuset

Coffee from a pink French Press makes every morning better. Butter from a blush Butter Dish makes everything more delicious (and the inside of a fridge a more beautiful place). And anything you can make in a cast iron skillet is exponentiallé yummier when prepared in a rosé-hued Signature Skillet. The Le Creuset Hibiscus collection, tried and tested, is a dailé game changer!


To every Rosé there is a season, and for fall this is Gaspard made by Jenny and Francois Selections. This natural Loire Valley blend of Cabernet Franc, Gamay and Pineau D’Aunis celebrates autumn from the inside out. The label serves as a reminder that it’s harvest time and there’s work to be done, Rosé to be enjoyed, and so much beauty to take in. The wine is unexpected, dry with that au natural taste and – fittingly- notes of cranberré.

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