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Tuesday March 26, 2019

Puppé Love

Do you know who sips Yes Way Rosé more than anyone? Luckily for us all it’s the adorable dogs of Instagram! Almost daily we see photos of precious puppés posing with our wine and it’s the greatest thing ever. We’ve been curious though about why they love it so much, so we checked in with a few them to get to the bottom of it. See their answers (or their mother’s) below! And, because this is exactly what we want to see more of, please #yeswaypuppé all of your rosé-sipping furry friends!

This is Pinot Niebling, a French Bulldog from Chicago, Illinois with an epic Instagram handle: 

“Pinot is my name, but rosé is my GAME! Mom is obsessed with Yes Way Rosé. It’s the perfect addition to any party, besides me of course! Puppies and rosé all day!” 

Benny “The Jet” is a Pinny-Poo from Los Angeles, CA (@bennythejet83) who loves sniffing butts, stealing socks, and snuggling.  

“Benny loves licking condensation off the cold bottle, but I love your wine for a few reasons: 1) you sell at Target (my favorite obsession), 2) your brand and label aesthetic are crisp, clean, and fun (just like the wine itself), and 3) for a reasonably priced wine it’s exceptionally delicious.”

Bo Willis, a Golden Retriever from Coto de Caza, California, can be found on the gram @b0_the_g0lden sporting a plethora of adorable neckerchiefs.  

“My mom and I love Yes Way Rosé because, duh, it’s summer water! The taste is amazing, we love the way the bottle looks, and the name is so cute!”

Trixie (the small white one) and Tank (the big black and white one) are American Bullys in Snohomish, Washington. Their Mom @sydneyhonda posts cute photos of them regularlé. 

“I love Yes Way Rosé because it’s fun, refreshing, and the perfect way to unwind after chasing these guys (and the kids) around at the dog park.”  

Yes Way Big Easé: Bacchanal

New Orleans is well known for being a festive party town and for my first trip to the Big Easy I was prepared to indulge in all of the to-go daiquiris, muffuleta sandwiches, and beignets from Café du Monde that pop up in my Instagram feed. In addition to all that goodness, I was pleasantly surprised to find probably the best wine bar that I’ve been to in the US at Bacchanal in the Ninth Ward. It’s trulé a home away from home for rosé lovers everywhere.

Part serious wine store, part epic backyard rager, and part air conditioned cocktail bar, I visited three times in just as many days. The first trip was to pick up bottles to have on hand at the house where I was staying. There is an amazing selection on hand, including a trendy new bottling from Peyrassol (a vineyard I’ve visited in Provence) called #LOU, with the hashtag and all. 

The second visit was to hang out in the backyard and drink a bottle purchased in the store while enjoying live music and Mediterranean-style munchies. There is a DIY ice bucket filling station right outside the back door to keep your wine chilled, a feature I greatly appreciate since I love rosé on ice and it was quite steamé outside. My friend and I sipped the Bacchanal house rosé (delicious!) while listening to a sweet band and eating a meat and cheese board. It was pretty much heaven.

For the third trip we had a drink at the the full upstairs bar where original craft cocktails like a mezcal and lavender concoction are served alongside wines by the glass. On my way out I bought a sick souvenir tee that is so clever it makes me jealous.

I went to visit New Orleans, but it was really a giant trip to Bacchanal. Plan a visit, you won’t be sorré! -NH

(Special shout out to the girl I spotted at the backyard table next to mine with a Yes Way Rosé toté!)  

Happé Hour with Glamour 

When we were recently invited to host an office parté tasting for the staff at Glamour Magazine we felt obligated to bring our É game. We love to entertain and create experiences that compliment our wine in every way and his was the perfect opportunité.  We went with a summery theme that proved to be a perfect pairing with Yes Way Rosé:  a modern, pink-infused French picnic. The editors seemed to enjoy themselves as there wasn’t a drop of wine left (our sign that an event was a success).  Here’s what we used for the decor, food, and flowers.


Go French Yourself: Meet Iris

Over the last several months we have had the incredible pleasure of having Iris Terrisson as our intern. Born into the wine industry and raised in the South of France, Iris is a bright world traveler who studies business at university in Paris. She has been spending this summer in NYC  working with both Yes Way Rosé and a wine importer and is spending next semester in Singapore and Shanghai. She is as amazing as she sounds with impeccable style and taste. (So much so that we’ve asked her to please stop dressing better than we do!) She is also a total pro at the elusive French attitude that is a global obsession. In honor of Bastille Day, we asked her to share her top tips on how to fake the ‘tude, regardless of where you are from. Merci beaucoup, Iris.

How to Fake a French Attitude by Iris Terrisson

1. First things first, wearing a beret and holding a baguette will not make you French. The attitude is mostly about having weird little habits and behaviors, like not smiling and developing a smug expression. The French are not the most expressive or joyful people, but we’ve always been taught to have restraint and to stay neutral as much as possible. Keep this in mind: “Less smile, more attitude!”

2. Forget about beer. The French practically drink the equivalent of their weight in wine. Being French it is absolutely a must to love wine and we like to cultivate a sophisticated attitude about being natural wine lovers.

3. Speaking about wine, in France it’s more “#RoséAllYear” than “#RoséAllDay.” There is no rosé season. Want to look French? Order a glass of Rosé in February.

4. The French love coffee as much as they love wine. We enjoy it as a ritual and drink it after lunch and dinner. The most important thing is to savor the coffee sitting down and out of an actual cup.

5. People always say French people are rude. This is just natural. It also explains why we swear so much and “Putain” is our favorite curse word. Try to use it in any situation or for expressing any emotion and you’re on the right track.

6. The French style is often envied for this “je ne sais quoi” that makes it special. France has a huge fashion heritage, gathering the most prestigious designer houses in the world. However, most of the time our wardrobes consist of simpler things. We like to keep it casual, wearing basic items and enhancing the look with accessories. We also dress in neutral colors like white or black most of the time and are not too crazy about colors. It’s ultimately more about the attitude than the clothes, so be confident in what you’re wearing and project a feeling of nonchalance.

7. French people have many faults, including smoking. It’s just in the French culture. Luckily you don’t have to smoke to fake it. Just put a cigarette in your hand (you don’t have to light it) or carry a lighter around and you will immediately feel more French.

8. Another fault of French people is being late. There is no particular reason for us not to be on-time. For dinner it’s actually perceived as rude to arrive on-time. You should therefore arrive 15 min late when you’re invited somewhere. The golden is rule is to never, ever, arrive early to anything.

9. You can not fake a French attitude without learning that we don’t give hugs. We do what’s called “la bise” instead. You basically pretend giving a kiss on the cheek with the proper noise, but without really touching the person. This applies to your friends, family, and acquaintances. If the situation is more formal you can just shake the person’s hand.

10. Don’t try too hard. The French would rather act natural than too sophisticated. It’s all about details and the little things like easing into your day, savoring a good cup of coffee, and taking a stroll around the neighborhood.  

Sharing is Caring

Summer is officiallé here and the first vintage of Yes Way Rosé is going fast! The wine is currently sold in all Target stores that sell wine, as well as Bottlerocket Wine & Spirits and Dandelion Wine in New York City, so make sure to pick up a bottle (or 6) while supplies last. And if you feel so inclined, show us where you’re enjoying the beautiful, crisp wine by tagging @yeswayrose. Spread love and rosé, it’s the Yes Way.

Yes Way in CA

One of our favorite activitiés is driving up the Pacific Coast Highway from Los Angeles to wine country to explore the region’s many delicious rosés. We liken the Central Coast of California to the Provence of America for being situated beautifully between the mountains and the sea. The cool ocean air and warm inland climate impart a flavor to the rosés that call to mind those from South of France while also being distinctly Californian. And where there’s good wine there’s good food, a priority when traveling anywhere! These are the highlights and tips from a brief but wonderful trip last month. More

Absolutelé Fabulous in the South of France

This past fall we were lucky to travel to the South of France and meet with the Yes Way Rosé winemaking team.  An incredible, jam-packed three days, what made us even luckier was that we had the opportunity to mix business with pleasure. In between tasting rosé blends and selecting paper for the wine label we snuck in some memorable sightseeing (and of course good eating). We  did our best to dress the part, with berets and stripes galore. How could we not? Here, our top 5 highlights. More

Yes Way Rosé: The Wine

The Rosé:
Yes Way Rosé puts a modern spin on classic Provençal-style rosé. A label that started–of all places–on Instagram, it was created in the South of France and represents our dream turned into a realité.
Tasting Notes:
We tried about 15 blends of rosé while in France, not a bad day at the office, to find the rosé that we could truly call Yes Way Rosé. We landed on a super fresh, delicate wine that reveals notes of strawberry, citrus, and white peach. Dry and almost too easy drinking, it’s pure pink deliciousness.
Pairs Well With:
Yes Way Versatilité! Our rosé is a perfect match with a wide variety of flavors, including grilled seafood dishes, roast chicken, and cheese… lots of cheese. The ultimate pairing, however, is enjoying a bottle chilled (while chilling) with friends.

Introducing Yes Way Rosé…the Wine!

We are proud to announce the launch of our signature rosé! The French rosé you can actually say is a classic Provençal blend with notes of strawberry, citrus, and white peach. The wine will be introduced in most Target stores nationwide on March 4th. Yes Way Targét! For more information read here.  

Yes Way Diaré: Goes To Argentina Once

Over the winter holiday I had the great pleasure of escaping the polar vortex for sunny, perfectly warm Argentina. The trip took quite a bit of planning since I wanted to explore both Buenos Aires and wine country (not exactly around the corner), but the payoff was huge. The food alone was worth it! Here are my top ten highlights from a trip that took me to Buenos Aires, Cafayate, Mendoza, and back to Buenos Aires.

1. Buenos Aires is a city that likes to parté. They start late and stay out late. Our most epic night began at Floreria Atlantico, a flower shop/wine store/speakeasy with the most incredible campari cocktail. I had a toté on me because I knew I’d want to buy a bottle. Naturallé, I picked up a Malbec Rosé with a Wonder Woman label from Riccitelli Wines. We then went to Tegui in Palermo for a modern Argentine tasting menu where they request no photos at the table. Highlights included an oyster course and duck situation. The last stop was Frank’s, recommended by our waiter, a speakeasy that required a password to get into (‘Ella Fitzgerald’) and where an Old Fashioned was served in a smoking box.   


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