Yes Way Rosé
Monday February 18, 2019

First comes Rosé. Then comes the manicure.

SUMMER WATER, the Rosé we release with Winc, now has not one, but twelve manicure designs inspired by the wine at Paintbox in NYC. That’s a manicure, essentiallé, to go with every bottle in a case of wine! Read more about it here and head to Paintbox to get a manicure while sipping Summer Water!

Imagine This:

Scene: It’s the most glorious summer day, there isn’t a cloud in the sky (save for one that looks curiously like a wine glass), and you’re floating on a unicorn in the pool. There’s a bottle of pale blush rosé chilling in an ice bucket ready and waiting on the patio. All of your friends are there. You get out and wrap your sun-kissed shoulders in this ultra cozy pink towel and pour yourself a glass. As the sweat from the glass begins to bead onto your fingers, you think, ‘is this real life?’ Photos are taken, dreams are shared, and it’s the best day ever. End Scene.

Rosé Fantasé

The dreamy Rodarte designers just held their first fashion show in Paris after years of hosting them in NYC, and by the looks of it, they were drinking the kool-aid for inspiration. These models look like rosé genies that have come out of the bottle and it’s spectacular.


Royallé Rosé

As if Princess Kate would’ve worn anything else to her sister’s wedding. This is major #hatgoals.

Rosé Lit 101

Victoria James is a sommelier, the Wine Director of Piora, and an expert Rosé enthusiast. Her book Drink Pink: A Celebration of Rosé was released this week from HarperCollins. We talked to her about our shared favorite topic.

What rosés are you currently loving? Bandol rosé is the benchmark for me from producers like Domaine Tempier, Domaine du Gros ‘Noré and Domaine Terrebrune are classic. However, these days there is so much great rosé being made all over the world. I am currently in love with rosé from L’Île-de-beauté (aka Corsica) from wineries like Clos Canarelli, Abbatucci, Yves Leccia and Marquiliani since they are delicious with a bit more richness while still remaining mineral-driven. Fun examples from Italy like Sesti from Tuscany and Punta Crena Barbarossa rosato from Liguria have also captured my heart with their unique expressions. In the new world, producers like Macari on the North Fork of Long Island and Railsback Frères, Bellus, Sandhi, from California, are crushing it. In the New World, people are becoming experimental and not sticking to the classics, exploring obscure varieties or winemaking techniques which is way cool. More

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